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Monkey Business at SSB

APES! with Claud Bramblett

Great apes! The October installment of Science Study Break features Professor Emeritus Claud Bramblett of Anthropology dissecting scenes from Project Nim and Planet of the Apes movies to see how they measure up to the actual biology and social life of apes.

Bramblett has authored a corpus on primates, including the book Patterns of Primate Behavior.

The program takes place in Welch Hall, Room 1.308, at the corner of 24th & Speedway, on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin.

Pop culture and the academy collide as Science Study Break features relevant faculty and experts from the University of Texas at Austin discussing the reality and fantasy portrayed as fact in science-themed television and movies. Science Study Break is hosted by the University of Texas Libraries and supported by the University Federal Credit Union.