Bing Crosby’s Superfan

Bing Crosby Reference/. 1948–56/ 3 x 5-1/8x3-3/8 in.
Bing Crosby Reference/. 1948–56/ 3 x 5-1/8×3-3/8 in.

Genealogist Mary Henrietta Chase collected almost all of crooner Bing Crosby’s commercial recordings. She also made 200 audio recordings from radio broadcasts from December 1948 to October 1956, though as these are on consumer-grade acetate discs their condition is poor. She catalogued her collection on typed index cards which she kept in a small recipe box.

The Mary Henrietta Chase Collection is part of the Historic Music Recordings Collection housed at the Collections Deposit Library (appointment only).

From “The Bing Crosby Radio Show,” presented by General Electric, with guest Ella Fitzgerald, December 13, 1953.


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