Become a Disease Detective

disease_square_smThe two-day Disease Detective Conference on Global Disease Eradication kicks off today in the Texas Union.  The conference features public health experts and researchers along with representative from schools of public health speaking about issues in the field and opportunities for careers in public health.

Tuesday and early Wednesday events are limited to faculty and advisors, but Wednesday at noon, the conference opens up to students starting with a free kick-off luncheon. Dr. Dean A. Henderson, author of Smallpox: the Death of a Disease, talks about his career in global health for the keynote speech at 5:00 p.m.  The scientific presentations throughout the afternoon will offer unique insights into careers in public health and the exhibit hall will be filled with fun, interesting & informative exhibits and activities.

The conference is sponsored by the College of Natural Sciences and supported by the Centers for Disease Control and the Association of Schools of Public Health, and for the first time, the University of Texas Libraries is a co-sponsor for the conference.

This is the fourth time the conference has been held.

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